Mission d'Aménagement et d'Equipement des Terrains Urbains et Ruraux

MAETUR lands : final document of acquisition

The procedure to acquire MAETUR land, like in any other case of the acquisition of land governed by existing laws usually ends up with the deliverance of a Land Certificate.

Experience has shown, however, that a good number of MAETUR clients do not bother to know what obtains after they have obtained their Certificates of Allocation (“Certificat d’Attribution”). Making sure that the Land Certificates are effectively issued.

Indeed, we are aware that a Certificate of Allocation permits the Land owner to carry out developments on the land and also enables him to obtain services from the Water and Electricity corporations in respect of the parcel on which the Certificate of Allocation has been issued. Inspire of this “provisional advantages” of the Certificate of Allocation, purchasers are well advised to ensure that they follow the procedure of acquisition of their parcels by paying for establishment of their Land Certificates and…

To help MAETUR clients not to run into this difficulty, as was the case in yester years, MAETUR now indicates on the Land purchase invoice, not only the price of the Land, but also the ancillary costs, such as the cost of producing a Land Certificate, obtaining a visa for the building plan before it is presented to the Urban Council for a building permit, reimbursable amount paid when acquiring the land and the Certificate of Conformity.

In this way the purchaser is encouraged to pay for all the above costs as part of the overall cost of buying the land.

After these total costs have been paid, the purchaser is sure to obtain his Land Certificate soon after.


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Août 2009